• Pink #6 - Richmond Academy

Pink #6 - Richmond Academy

“Augusta, Georgia. Oldest existing high school in America. Established 1783.”

The Academy of Richmond County was founded on July 31, 1783. During its long history it has witnessed many historic events, including a visit by President George Washington on May 19, 1791; being used as a military hospital for the Confederate wounded from 1863-1865; and housing the headquarters of the Union troops occupying Augusta from 1865-1867. The Academy reopened in 1868.


Q:  What's the difference between the two manufacturers Wedgwood and Belleek?

A:  The Plates were produced by Wedgwood in England from 1933 until 2008 at which time Wedgwood moved production to Indonesia. In 2012, Wedgwood announced they would no longer be producing Georgia Plates. Belleek Pottery immediately took over production and continues today.

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