• Blue #12 - Portraits of Great Georgians

Blue #12 - Portraits of Great Georgians

Includes: Joseph E. Brown, Robert Toombs, Clement A. Evans, Benjamin Hill, Howell Cobb, James Longstreet, Joel C. Harris, Sidney Lanier, T.R.R. Cobb, John B. Gordon, Henry Grady & Alexander H. Stephens

“Portraits of Great Georgians. Surrounding these are Cross of Honour, Confederate Seal; Powder Factory Chimney; Double Barrel Cannon; Atlanta Fortifications; Heard House; United States Mint; Battle of Atlanta; The “General”; Confederate Laboratory; Toombs Oak, Lanier Oak; Man of the Twelfth of May; Confederate Flags; - Over Which the American Eagle, Emblem of a Re-United Country, Spreads this wings.”

Center portraits of the plates were chosen because these men represent Georgia in the Hall of Fame at the National Capitol in Washington.


Q:  What's the difference between the two manufacturers Wedgwood and Belleek?

A:  The Plates were produced by Wedgwood in England from 1933 until 2008 at which time Wedgwood moved production to Indonesia. In 2012, Wedgwood announced they would no longer be producing Georgia Plates. Belleek Pottery immediately took over production and continues today.

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