Gallery of Plates

Dinner Plate Design

The entire design of each border around a different historical center is an informal arrangement of the flora of our state wherein one finds cotton, peaches, and Cherokee roses as well as the needles of her famous long-leaf pine. The great seal of the state appears at the bottom with our altruistic motto: non sibi sed allis, entwined above. The floral scroll is broken by five other insets of historic interest. These are: Bethesda, first orphanage in America; home of Doctor Crawford W. Long, discoverer of anesthesia; the Savannah, first steamship to cross the Atlantic; Fort Frederica, fortification against the Spanish invasion; and Liberty Hall, home of Alexander H. Stephens. This stirring frame appears on every plate and surrounds the centers.

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Salad Plate Design

In 1932, Annie Louise Irwin conveived and executed the design of the Georgia Historical Plates as part of the upcoming 1933 Georgia Bicentennial Celebration.  Today, the Transylvania Club perpetuates her artistry with a newly designed salad plate.  The new plate, designed by Brian Moncus of Sandersville, and crafted in Ireland by Belleek, perfectly complements the dinner plates so lovingly created by Louise Irwin over eighty years ago. 

Please see below for images of the salad plate design in blue and pink.